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4035 Ridge Top Rd. Fairfax, VA  22030

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Piper Companies


Piper Enterprise Solutions


Works for Kevin Harris (Configuration Management Director), who reports to Ed Wallen (VP in their PTO, Product Technology Organization) -- have known Ed for years. Frank Policastro re-connected us to him as Frank and Ed's kids run in the same circles and they belong to the same club, etc. Meeting with Kevin in Fairfax this PM to get better insight about the project, budgets, etc., but the existing description should be ample to post to get started for today. Two developers @ 6 months each with option to extend:

 William & Ram Interview Questions:

William is an engineer at FICO, very scripted in about how he's going to ask technical questions:

-Is your puppet experience mostly with puppet enterprise or open source?

-Each new major version of puppet brings changes, what are the major differences between puppet 2 and 3

-when writing or changing puppet modules, what testing tools do you use to test your work?

-what criteria would you use to identify a puppet forge module?

-if you needed to insure that within an environment ..... what file would you edit, and what would you add or change?

-what would a template for a configuration file look like if you wanted to allow it to fully control every present and future within while enforcing document templates - ini file vs. didn't catch it - what would the guts of that look like (hirea file question)

-how many parameters would that template require?

-what technical challenge would inform you of a custom type for puppet?

-why wouldn't you use a defined type instead?

-how is hiera able to anvy? the traditional params.pp pattern?

-how does hiera replace the traditional roles and something profile?

-if you have one puppet module which must finish installing it's product before another begins, how do you ensure it's sequence within open source puppet?

-if you have a new puppet node that appears to do nothing when puppet runs without errors, and you expect more, what would you check for?

-tell me about the most memorable issues you've solved while using puppetdb?

-what feature did you use?

bonus questions

-quite often when were installing puppet, we like to use the package resource, do you have any experience building fresh rpms or refreshing them?

-built any windows MSI or exc's?

The greater fico has tens of thousands of servers all managed by puppet, all talking to eachother with puppet

-product team uses puppet to deploy into the cloud/into various data centers

-other tools: jenkins, significant bash scripting, some shell, ms sql server, some ruby for custom types of puppet

Almost entirely a linux environment, some windows to support sql server & SSRS

They do both custom proprietary modules and also borrow from puppet forge

Required Skills for Puppet developers: 


·   Hands-on experience with each of: 


o   Open Source Puppet 3 and 5, know how they differ; 


o   authoring new Puppet modules for proprietary products; and 


o   Hiera data in YAML files, knowing how the three configuration tiers interact during lookups, and when to change the hiera.yaml file. 


·   Demonstrable experience with each of these technical aspects of Puppet: 


o   Templates; 


o   Custom Types; 


o   Custom Facts; 


o   Exported Resources; and 


o   Coding for heterogeneous environments (Windows and Linux). 


·   Know when to use Puppet Forge modules instead of rewriting them. 


·   Some experience or familiarity with strictly standards-compliant RPM and MSI building.  


Git workflow, Jenkins and Nexus experience 


Strong RPM development and package building background 


Strong MSI development and package building background 


Strong Linux OS system and admin level related background 


Strong background with Windows Server OS admin functions including Windows registry 


Strong PowerShell and Bash shell scripting 




Nice to Haves: 


JBoss and MSSQL Server background 


OpenStack knowledge and HOT/Heat template design 


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Job Id:


Job Category:

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Job Location:

4035 Ridge Top Rd. Fairfax, VA  22030

Security Clearance:

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Business Unit:

Piper Companies


Piper Enterprise Solutions